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Dr. Lewert

Dr. Chris Lewert graduated from the University of Maryland Dental School in 2000, and completed an Advanced General Dentistry Residency in 2001. Since then, he has been practicing dentistry, and now practices exclusively at Urbana Dental Spa. Dr. Lewert has been part of the Urbana community since 2003 when he moved to Urbana with his wife Tracey and pets. He has always dreamed of living and working in the same community, and with Urbana Dental Spa, his dream has come true. Dr. Lewert's interests include spending time enjoying nature, making memories with his family, fitness, swimming and diving, gardening, snowboarding, and traveling.


Janet works at Urbana Dental Spa as the Patient Liaison and Reception Coordinator. Janet is a wonderful member of the Dental Spa team, and she is also Dr. Lewert's mother-in-law. Janet enjoys making crafts, reading, and learning about history and archeology. Janet has five grandchildren, including a set of triplets. While working at Urbana Dental Spa, she loves talking with the patients, especially the children.

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